Anatomy Basic Plus! — English

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In this course you will learn the basics of anatomy and physiology to better understand how the body works and how to apply this knowledge to your yoga practice.


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Experience the benefits of a profoundly deepened practice.

By deepening your understanding of posture and movement, you will improve your body awareness and intrinsic inspiration while practicing yoga. As a result, you will be able to identify imbalances in your student's bodies and lead them to a more balanced life.

This course will make you feel like you've been teaching for years!




Anatomy Basic +
A complete introduction

with Stefanie

Gain a better understanding of the structures involved in yoga movement. Learn about the major structures of the human body that are relevant to training and yoga practice.

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What You Will Learn

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CHF 395

You can enroll in this course right now and finish it at your convenience, since it is a self-paced online course. Get started.

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Coaching can accelerate your progress in mastering a new skill or ditching old habits. Your coach will listen, understand your goals, analyze past performance, point out blind spots, and give actionable advice. Take the first step

Stefanie Castson

Stefanie Castson, BSc. is a licensed physiotherapist and the founder of MSA Health

She has developed her own rehabilitation approach which includes self-care, mindfulness, and nature-based interventions. She believes we are all perfect beings with unlimited potential.

Stefanie and Dr. Eberhard J. Wormer, M.D., coauthored "Back Care: Movement Is the Best Medicine", a bestseller that has sold over 400,000 copies.

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